The day that changed me forever - part 1

The day that changed me forever - part 1

My name is Antonin Maudry.


I had a quiet life, loved skiing, powder, the mountains, surfing, and above all beauty. This love for the beauty ended in and endless passion for photography.

Long story short: everything was doing good for me, I had a chill life full of good times.

antonin maudry

Photo by Scott Cheap


Until July 21th 2017.


That day was going to change me forever. I woke up, went for a routine blood testing at my doctors’, with no expectations that my health could be bad. I was just going there for a check-up and would then get back to more photography. Well, that actual normal day was going to be the last one spent out of a white room full of medication, and this for a long time. That afternoon they called me to go to hospital in emergency. Two days later, they diagnosed me a leukemia. Things went from zero to 100 really quick.

The fight begins / Photo by Viola Bayramova


Life is like that. It sometimes sucks, sometimes not. That time, it punched me in the face so hard it took months to stand up. But I couldn’t let her do it without acting, I had to fight, at first for my life, then for my brain.


A need to create art immediately filled my body and my mind. I began by drawing skulls and violent shit with black and red markers, it was impossible at first to do something relevant – I was in a secondary state, waiting to wake up from that bad nightmare. To be honest, everything felt so weird and unreal.


A few days passed, and I got in touch with Seb & Mat from hä?, which brought me some amazing support.

Brand new docs – Thanks guys!


I decided to match the good relationship we had with my need of doing art. That’s why I proposed them to make a T-shirt series together. They found my idea sick and I immediately started thinking about the designs, which was for me the best way to forget about all this chemotherapeutics.

I had projects, ideas, and the future would look brighter than it was initially supposed to !


Antonin designed shirts which we will print and sell online. The money we will make out of this shirts will go straight to Antonin and all his dreams he will fulfill very soon! Stay tuned for Antonin's next blog posts where he will show his designs and tells you more about his story.