The day that changed me forever - part 2

The day that changed me forever - part 2

Unserem Team Rider Antonin Maudry diagnostizierte man vor vielen Monaten Leukämie. Eine solche Nachricht ist immer erschreckend und hat sein Leben total auf den Kopf gestellt. Wie er anfänglich damit umging kannst du im ersten Blog von Anto nachlesen. Wir haben uns damals entschieden, dass Anto in den Pausen zwischen den einzelnen Chemotherapien eine T-Shirt-Line designen könnte, deren Gewinn an Anto fliesst. Anto liess sich dies nicht zweimal sagen und setzte sich gleich nachdem er sich etwas besser fühlte voll motiviert an die Arbeit. Im folgenden beschreibt er seine Gedanken zu seiner Situation und hinter seinen T-Shirt Designs. 



Thanks to the hä? brothers Mat and Sebi, I had the opportunity to elaborate my own line. To be honest, they were fulfilling a childhood dream, that was even sicker than me haha !


I then naturally started creating the designs. I at first put some black and white pictures in the middle of white T-shirts – which was cool but not so personal. Plus, Silvano Zeiter already made an amazing line like that, that’s why Seb told me to take the time and create something different by varying the placements of the prints.

Some black and white beauty


I then started thinking about these designs on a 24/7 basis. It was indeed the best way to forget about all this crazy leukemia stuff and think about something else than hospital, cancer and medication.


Running on the sand in the middle of a storm


I wanted the shirts to look rad, violent. I wanted it to be my own personal line. I wanted it to talk about this period of my life. I selected some of my best pictures and started working on them with my computer.


Violence is for me a synonym to beauty. What was happening to me was violent, too. I had to fight to stay alive. I was in a really special state of mind. Imagine being 18-year-old and not even being sure you will survive the next few months.

The beauty of violence


Thankfully I am now recovered and living life like nobody else! I think that this period of my life was like a second birth. That is where living all this violence finally makes a lot of sense! The line is born from pain.


Plus, this illness has thought me how uncertain the future is. You can still plan everything, life won’t care and will give you unexpected shit to get over. Nevertheless, that’s where its richness comes from.


We never know what’s coming next, so let’s fucking enjoy the simple things of today!


Best regards,